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Prior Diocesan Seminaries

Bishop Michael O'Connor founded Pittsburgh's first diocesan seminary in 1844, the first year of his episcopate. St. Michael Seminary was located in Pittsburgh's Birmingham neighborhood, today the South Side. It was briefly discontinued for four years (1851–1856), operated for a year in Cambria County, and was finally reestablished in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Glenwood. The seminary definitively closed in 1876 with the tumultuous creation of the Diocese of Allegheny out of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. After 1876, Pittsburgh's diocesan seminarians received instruction at Saint Vincent Seminary in Latrobe.

Seminarians during the episcopacy of Hugh C. Boyle, from 1926 to 1945, were allowed to commute to Duquesne University from home. Bishop John F. Dearden, however, ended that practice. Until the creation of Saint Paul Seminary, Pittsburgh seminarians would attend classes at other minor seminaries in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.


Saint Paul's Seminary occupies the grounds and buildings of the former Saint Paul's Orphanage. The 17-acre campus began its connection with the Pittsburgh diocese with the establishment of the orphanage there on May 27, 1900, on a plateau between Crafton and Carnegie. The orphanage operated until August 1965, when its operations were combined with those of Holy Family Institute in Emsworth. In September 1965, Bishop John Wright founded St. Paul Seminary as a college seminary on the same site.


  1. Rev. Msgr. Donald W. Kraus (1965–1981)
  2. Rev. Donald W. Wuerl (1981–1985)
  3. Rev. Theodore A. Rutkowski (1985–1986)
  4. Rev. Msgr. William M. Ogrodowski (1986–1990)
  5. Rev. Charles S. Bober (1990–1993)
  6. Rev. Joseph J. Kleppner (1993–1996)
  7. Rev. Edward J. Burns (1996–1997)
  8. Rev. David J. Bonnar (1997–2002)
  9. Rev. James A. Wehner (2002–2008)
  10. Rev. Msgr. Edward J. Burns (2008–2009)
  11. Rev. Dennis P. Yurochko (2009–2011)
  12. Rev. Joseph M. Mele (2011–2014)
  13. Rev. Brian J. Welding (2014–present)

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